Commercial Lawyer

The Commercial Lawyer of our firm will help you to avoid that derived from commercial relationships with private persons or legal entities that may create an unnecessary future conflict in Playa del Carmen, Cancun or Tulum

What does a Commercial Lawyer do?

He is the Professional Specialist in the field of Commercial law, matter that is responsible for regulating the Acts of Commerce in Mexico, as well as the other aspects necessary so that the Trade can be carried out fairly

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How does it help me?

If you have been notified of a claim to your home by an employee of the Judicial Power about a Judgment of a Pagare that you have signed, or a Commercial Contract that you have previously entered into, it is a priority to know the status of your file

The first thing you need is to authorize your lawyer so that he can analyze the evidence that has been presented in the File

When do I need a Commercial Lawyer in Playa del Carmen?

If you have any Trust that you would like to liquidate before reaching its end

When you have the Right to Collect through the Judicial Way the payment of a Pagare

For the Preparation of a Title and Credit Operation in Playa del Carmen

If you need to execute a Commercial Contract that was breached by any of the parties

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Where can you help me?

According to the Procedural Regulations of the Matter, every Hearing that takes place in the Oral or Traditional Commercial Court of Playa del Carmen, State of Quintana Roo, the Plaintiff and the Respondent must be accompanied by their legal representative

Who is a Merchant according to the Mexican Commercial Code?

 The person who habitually engages in work that also helps in the economy. The owner of a business establishment is also called this way

However, not every person who performs an occasional act of commerce (for example, who buys in a store) is already a merchant, but is only considered a merchant from the perspective of Commercial Law who is engaged in commerce on a regular basis in Playa del Carmen, Cancun or Tulum

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