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We are an Exclusive Law Firm in Aguascalientes and the only one to implement Blockchain technology to legal processes in the State.

We also have a presence in Cosío and Calvillo, offering Legal Representation Services for more than 28 years.

Above all, our main attorneys are Specialists in your area, be it Criminal, Family, Real Estate, Civil, Immigration, Commercial and more.

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Thanks to our professional work and performance with the authorities, we have certainly created a reputation in legal strategy.

This is the result of the attention over the years in cases where we have successfully represented our clients.

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City Laws | Lawyers in Mexico

We are a Reliable and Safe Team of Lawyers in Aguscalientes

We put at your service our advice and legal strategy, which we have acquired through years of judicial practice, academic preparation and student teaching.

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All our services are focused on finding solutions that can end the situation from which the conflict derives in order to avoid years of unnecessary litigation.



Don't let them see your face signing worthless documents! Accounts with us to give legality of the agreements, acquisitions or businesses that you carry out

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We have specialists in different areas of law, so each of our advice and procedural strategies are designed to make you win your judgment.

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They just stopped me in Aguscalientes. What should I do?

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We recommend that you avoid offering bribes to the authorities so that you do not get more charges against you.

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In the meantime, call us at the numbers of our Lawyers in Aguascalientes to learn more about your situation:

(044) -984-313-2920 and (044) -984-111-9733

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Early attention

Don't waste time with the Aguascalientes Civil Lawyers who will not have the time to analyze your case.

Do you have Specialist Lawyers in Aguascalientes for Judicial Litigation?

Yes, we provide legal services in Aguascalientes, Cosío and Calvillo.

The Headquarters of our Team of Specialist Lawyers is in Aguascalientes.

In any of our offices, our Lawyers can always assist you.

What Immigration Documents do I need to work in Mexico?

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If you are reading this and you are also a foreigner who wants to carry out activities to earn money in Mexico legally.

For example, get a job legally or create a company in the country.

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Our Lawyers Specialists in Immigration Law in Aguascalientes can help you.

The first and most important thing is to process your permit before the National Institute of Migration so that your objective is possible.

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In conclusion, you are at a click to obtain everything you need to start your immigration process in Mexico from the hand of our Lawyers in Aguascalientes.

Don't confuse yourself with examples and requirements from the Internet.

Partners and Attorneys at City Laws Firm | Aguascalientes

We thank you in advance for the trust and preference with which you allow us to provide you with our legal advice and representation through our team of specialist lawyers.

Likewise, we thank all the Lawyers and Partners in the most humble way for the trust and security they give us to guarantee the well-being of their family and their assets in Aguascalientes, Cosío, Calvillo and the entire State.

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Efrain Gonzalez

Founding Lawyer

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Founding Partner

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