What is the Exchange in Migration (Procedure)?

This refers to changing the stamp of the Visa in the Passport made by the Consular Office and the Multiple Migratory Form (FMM) that they granted you when entering Mexico for a Temporary or Permanent Resident Card.

When entering Mexico you must, within the next 30 calendar days, carry out the procedure called Exchange before the National Institute of Migration.

If you do not do so within the aforementioned period, your stay in Mexico will be considered irregular.

Where can you apply for the Mexican Visa?

At a Mexican Consulate Outside of Mexico:

+ They process and pre-approve the request.

+ The pre-approved permit is issued in the next 5 business days.

+ Carry out in "Exchange" in Mexico

At the INM Office in Mexico:

+ When you enter Mexico you have to register at the local immigration office within 30 days to acquire the Approved Permit (Plastic Card).

What are the Requirements and Payments of the Exchange (Exchange) in Mexico?

To make the change and the issuance of your immigration documents you will need to meet the following requirements:

  1. Original and Copy of the Passport
  2. Authorized Visa by the consular office
  3. Fill the Format to Request the Immigration Procedure of Stay
  4. Fill in the Form FFM
  5. Payment of the Right / Residence Tax
  6. Present the Basic Format
  7. Three Child-like Photographs originals (Size 2.5 x 3 cm.)

The first time can only be applied for 1 year. When renewing the following year, you can request the Residence for 1, 2 or 3 years

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How to make the Exchange?

The first step, is to comply with the requirements from 1 to 6, keep in mind that you must fill out the online forms, make the payment of the rights and make the copies that are needed

The second step, is to show up with your documents and early in the hours Offices of Attention to Procedures of the INM that be close to you

The third step, is to deliver your documents to obtain an Official Letter where it will be shown that you are in the middle of an immigration process

The Fourth StepIt is to wait for the resolution of the process that must be ready in an approximate time of 15 to 20 days.

The Fifth StepThis is when the INM notifies you electronically of the resolution and asks you to go to their Office for requirements 6 and 7.

The Sixth Step, is the taking of fingerprints, biometric data and your signature on the Basic Format, which can be filled out in your office or printed.

The Seventh Step, is the issuance of your Migratory Document that will be notified in the next fifteen business days

What is the Mexican Visa stamped in the Passport?

In the Consulate of Mexico of the country of your residence, you will be granted in your passport or printed identity document a Visa for Exchange for Immigration Document of Residence

It is important to take a photocopy of the page where your data is, your photo and the page where the visa was stamped

You must present the Original and the Photocopy at the INM offices

What is the Multiple Immigration Form (FFM)?

An Immigration Authority seals this Migratory form Multiple when entering Mexico by Land or Air

This form It is valid for 30 calendar days to make the Exchange at any of its Offices for a Temporary or Permanent Residence Card

The FFM is provided to you in print at the point of Entry to Mexico and you must fill it in so that the beginning of the validity is sealed

If you enter Mexico by road Air, you can fill online your FFM and download the list to be stamped up to 30 days before your flight

What information should you include in the Multiple Immigration Form (FFM)?

These are the data that you must include in your Form:

  1. Route of Hospitalization, Air (already included).
  2. Internment Point, Indicate the airport of entry.
  3. Date of arrival in Mexico, arrival flight date.
  4. Departure date, Add the return date of the plane ticket.
  5. Airline Name, For example: Aeroméxico, Inter jet, etc.
  6. Flight number, This appears on the plane ticket.
  7. Personal information, Name (s), Surname (s), Sex, Date of birth, Country of Nationality and Country of Birth.
  8. Identification documentAdd the number of your passport or identity document, the Country that issued it, the Date it was Issued and the Expiration Date.
  9. Place of residence, Country of Residence and Address of Residence.
  10. Travel Information, Reason for the trip, the State of the Republic and address where they will reside
  11. Email, Add your email address.

The Multiple Immigration Form has a maximum validity of 180 calendar days starting from your entry to Mexico and can only be used once to enter the Country.

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What is the Form to Request the Immigration Procedure of Stay?

You can fill out this form online or by going in person to the offices of the National Institute of Migration that is close to your home.

Fill Online

The Official Website of the Government of Mexico will open and the following message will be displayed at the beginning:

“Important: To generate the request, please disable your browser's pop-up blocker and verify that you have Acrobat Reader installed. It is essential that you have an email account "

What procedure should I do?

The following fields that appear on the page will ask you to specify the following:

+ What do you want to do? Redeem or replace immigration document

+ Specify: Exchange of FMM for visitor or resident card